Explaining it All


Slate’s politics editor, one Tom Scocca, has written a very literate piece titled Governing by Owning the Libs: When a president’s entire motivation is to antagonize the people who didn’t vote for him. It will repay the reading. Mr. Scocca writes, in part,

There are many recurring themes that help explain what’s happening in the United States under Donald Trump: incompetencecrueltyracismself-dealingmisogyny. But the perpetual campaign rally gives shape to all the others. The Trump presidency is the result of politics organized around unending partisan aggression, which has driven out even the pretense of other aims. The only goal of power in the Trump era is to own the libs.

Owning the libs is the purpose behind an otherwise purposeless policy agenda. Why would the administration roll back methane emission limits and fuel-efficiency restrictions, when the power and automotive industries have asked it not to? Why would it go to the trouble of announcing restrictions that would make it harder for a small fraction of members of the armed forces to get citizenship for their children? Why force a losing legal battle on adding a citizenship question to the census?

“As president,” Eric Levitz wrote in New York magazine last week, “Trump has shown a singular disinterest in appealing to—or showing even the smallest bit of deference to the interests of—those outside his party’s coalition.”

Meanwhile, the polls show all the top tier Democratic candidates beating Trump, and the talking heads continue to express stupefied puzzlement about Trump’s failure to do anything to appeal to moderate voters.

Now, Ladies and Germs …

… I do not claim to be smarter and more prescient than the politics editor of Slate, or than all the talking heads I just heard bloviating while I drank my morning coffee. But I cannot help being cursed with a logical mind.

There are many reports that Trump not only did not expect to be elected in 2016, but that he also did not want to be elected. The explanation that best fits the facts about his behavior in 2019 is that he does not expect to be reelected and that he does not want to be reelected. His insufferable behavior has already royally pissed off the ladies. His economic mismanagement is about to royally piss off the plutocrats, not to mention the soybean farmers.

Let Me Make a Prediction

No, I am not gazing into a crystal ball. I am applying logic to facts.

I predict that it will not be many more weeks before The Donald concludes that not only has the New York Times failed to appreciate his greatness, not only have Nancy Pelosi and Xi Jinping—inexplicably—declined to kneel down and lick his boots. Not only have the suburban soccer moms turned against him. No, children, it’s even worse than that: the plutocrats and the soybean farmers have let him down, too.

So it will be time for maximum chaos, just for the sake of maximum chaos.

It will be time for Samson to tear down that temple.

It will be time to just fuck us all.