On Senility


Martin Longman, On Biden’s Success and Gillibrand’s Failure

Mr. Longman checks his gut at some length and gives us a detailed report on what he finds. What he finds, in a nutshell, is that Democrats have such a thirst for winning in 2020 that they are not going to take a chance on a woman, a person of color, or a gay guy. He concludes, “I hear voters say that they don’t want to vote for another old white man all the time. But the less vocalized opinion is that they seem terrified of doing anything else.”

And now, having checked Mr. Longman’s gut, let me check my own. My own gut tells me that we are about to have a 2020 election featuring two old guys, both showing signs of mental deterioration.

My gut also tells me this is not a good thing.


I didn’t publish anything yesterday, but I see that I have some readers in Russia this morning. HELLOOOOO VLADIMIR!