Trump’s Trade Negotiators Would Like Him to Know What He Really Needs to Do

shut the fuck up

Politico, Adam Behsudi and Doug Palmer, Trade insiders say Trump’s botching chances of a China deal

The article relies on unidentified Trump negotiators and on “Jeff Moon, who was the top career-level China official at the U.S. Trade Representative’s office until just before the start of the Trump administration.” Some takeaways:

  • the Chinese want to be seen as the “reasonable” side, and don’t plan to just walk away from negotiations,
  • but they don’t know what the hell Trump wants, and so, in consequence,
  • Trump’s demands have hit a brick wall


The next month will prove more irksome for Trump as China is unlikely to offer any concessions as it prepares for the 70th anniversary of the communist party on Oct. 1. The latest U.S. tariff increases are due to take effect on Sept. 1 and Oct. 1.

“Trump is basically punching against a brick wall,” said Moon, who added that the whole theme of events marking the birth of the communist party “is China’s rejuvenation after a period of foreign dominance.”

The inference I draw is that both sides’ threatened tariff increases are very likely to go into effect. Possibly, only for a limited period. More likely, for a very long period, with major disruption in our economy, unless Dear Leader backs down.

Cause the other Dear Leader, President Xi, ain’t about to lose no face.