I Applaud His Hypocrisy

A decade ago, Joe Walsh was a loudmouth, attention seeking bottom feeder whose strategy was to find the mob and run to get in front of it, so that he could lead the parade.

Now, he tells us, he has taken a stroll down the road to Damascus, he has realized the error of his ways, and he has a lot of reasonable sounding things to say.

It is at least metaphysically possible that his conversion is sincere, and that he harbors genuine regret for his prior behavior. Sometimes people to repent. And who am I to judge?

But let us, instead, indulge the assumption that Joe Walsh remains a loudmouth, attention seeking, opportunistic bottom feeder who sees a different mob forming now, and is running to try to get in front of the new throng.

On that assumption, I applaud his hypocrisy. For it is a harbinger of things to come, including many, many more Damascene conversions.