A Slogan for the Democrats?

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Once upon a time, Jennifer Rubin spent her days licking Mitt Romney’s boots. Today, she has gifted Democrats with three similar slogans: “Stop the Craziness,” or, if you want it a little succincter, “Stop the Crazy” or “End the Crazy.” The latter two, she observes, could fit on a hat.

Nine paragraphs into her post, Ms. Rubin arrives at the nub of the matter. I agree with her—and I think the vital point she makes needs to be more at the top of our minds. She writes,

This is crucial: It’s one thing to be mean and corrupt.  His defenders say lots of politicians are. It is quite another to say he’s so erratic, so unhinged, so crazy that he sends the economy into a tailspin and risks international conflict (or capitulation to enemies  such as Kim Jong Un, who Trump — crazily — believes likes him). Tying Trump’s unfitness to dangers to the country and to voters’ personal safety and prosperity should be a key objective for the eventual nominee. Unlike in 2016, “Crazy Trump” doesn’t make a moral judgment. It’s a statement of fact, a highly inconvenient fact for his apologists.

Some days ago, I saw a post by someone else entitled “Why Evangelicals Like the Worst Things about Trump,” or something like that. I thought then, and I think now, that the headline was based on an incorrect premise. Trump’s corruption, racism, and vulgarity are very bad things. And these are the things that some people who believe themselves to be Christian like about Trump. But they are not the very worst thing about Trump. The very worst thing about Trump is that he is a lunatic—a toddler playing with matches down in the basement of a wooden building.

You may think a corrupt, racist bully is someone who is “strong” and is going to “protect” you. You are less likely to think that of someone who is just batshit crazy. You can keep your racism, and you can still get an organism as you fondle your assault rifle, but still recognize that batshit craziness is not an appropriation for the leader of your tribe.

All that said, I am not much enamored of Ms. Rubin’s specific slogan suggestions. I think we can do a little better. Right this minute, the best hat I can think of would say “Had enough?” and have an appropriate picture. But I will continue to think about the issue of Democratsc slogans in my spare time. And I encourage you to do the same.

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