Trump is by Way of Taking a Long Walk Off a Short Pier

short pier

Last week’s Fox News poll, along with today’s NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, offer compelling evidence that Trump is on a trajectory to lose the 2020 election. This is as it should be.

But how might this trajectory be changed? The answer is that Trump would need to do each of two things. And if he did both of those things, he would have a shot at victory. (I still think he would lose, but the election would be a damn sight closer than it’s going to be, given how things are going right now.)

Thing One

With respect to the trade wars—and most especially the trade war with China—Trump would need to do what Senator George Aiken proposed, back in the Vietnam War era. That is to say, he would have to declare victory and then retreat.

In doing so, he might save us from a recession.

Thing Two

He would also have to dial back his batshit craziness—from about a 9, where it is now, to maybe a 2 or a 3.

Dialing back the batshit craziness might allow some of the fetus people, the judge people, and the tax cut people to remember how much they love the fetuses, the judges, and the tax cuts, so that they can refocus from how much they hate Trump’s batshit craziness.

That would probably increase Trump’s vote by about three percent, and might put him in spitting distance of a victory.

“He Doesn’t Have it in Him”

Some pundits shake their heads and mutter sagely, “But he doesn’t have it in him” to do what he needs to do. But I really don’t know. Faced with annihilation, people often have it in them to do things they would not otherwise be willing to do. So I just don’t know.