The Wall Street Journal Would Like You to Know that the WSJ Poll Makes the WSJ Pee in its Pants

The Journal buries its report on today’s NBC/WSJ poll so deep that the article can hardly be found. Once you find it, the headline ludicrously spins the results: 2020 Democrats See Favorability Ratings Slide: Three leading Democratic presidential candidates are viewed more negatively by Americans than positively, a new WSJ/NBC News poll finds.

After expatiating on this theme for five paragraphs, the article finally gets to the part where the man bites the dog, and discloses that

Still, registered voters in the new survey picked a generic Democratic candidate over President Trump, by a margin of 52% to 40%. Among suburban voters, there has been an 8-point decrease in support for Mr. Trump from 2016 exit polling.

After which, the article abruptly ends.