Worst Campaign Strategy Ever

pot and kettle

Trump is trying to turn Biden’s gaffes into a major liability

Trump and the Evangelicals

I highly recommend today’s lengthy thumb sucker by Elizabeth Bruening, In God’s country: Evangelicals view Trump as their protector. But will they stand by him in 2020?

And I suggest that you read it with this question in mind: what would it take to convince these folks that Trump is not their man, after all?

I’m not asking what would convince YOU. I’m not asking what would convince your seventeen closest friends. I’m asking what would convince the people Ms. Bruening interviewed.

Before you answer, ask why they’re supporting Trump now. Answer: they all know he’s an asshole, but they think he’s a strong asshole, and they think he’s their strong asshole.

But what if he’s not a strong person? What if he is in fact a doddering incompetent?

And how better to demonstrate his mental challenges than for him to initiate a pissing contest with Joe Biden over who is mentally unstable and who is more inclined to say senseless things?