Does Not Each of Us, in Our Own Way, Bear Some Measure of Guilt in the Death of this Fine Man?


Fox News unimpeachably reports that Marc Fernich, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s legal team,

said that “overzealous prosecutors,” “pandering politicians,” “compliant judges” and a “hysterical press corps” were all to blame for Epstein’s death while he awaited trial for sex trafficking charges.

“Breathless reporters excavating every corner of Mr. Epstein’s life to pile on, tear him down and kick him at his lowest — while still presumed innocent, before he’d had his day in court,” he said. “All these actors appear to bear some responsibility for this calamity. All seem to have a share of Mr. Epstein’s blood on their hands. All should be ashamed of their behavior.”

This is the sort of thing that gives lawyers a bad name.

In my preceding post, I called attention to Harry Litman, who pointed out the bleeding obvious: that something is badly wrong in the state of Denmark.

If hordes or rich, desperate men faced an existential threat from the possible testimony of Mr. Epstein, does it beggar imagination to suppose that one of them might have put out a contract on him?

Alternatively, it is said that child molesters are not popular among the more respectable class of criminals.

I understand the Trumpster has tweeted a tweet implying that Bill Clinton probably put a hit on Epstein.

Politico, meanwhile, has put up an utterly asinine piece comparing suspicions like Litman’s with wingnut conspiracy theories.

And a former Justice Department inspector general urges us not to leap to accepting conspiracy theories, and notes that the FBI and the current inspector general are looking into the matter.

Yes, indeedy, the Justice Department is doing that very thing.

But wouldn’t it be nice if the Attorney General had not so shamelessly lied about the Mueller Report. Now, he can investigate till the cows come home, and many of us probably wouldn’t believe him if he told me that Monday follows Sunday.