Have a Nice Day, but Postpone that U.S. Vacation

US vacation

I see that I have readers today from Canada, France, Hungary, India, Pakistan, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, not to mention the U S of A. I would love to have you all visit here in the United States, but now is not a really good time to come.

An insightful pundit named Martin Longman gazes into his crystal ball today and informs us that the Republicans are about to lose Texas, at which point the Republican Party will cease to be viable as an entity capable of winning the presidency.

When that happens, Longman presciently predicts, the financiers who control the Republican party will decide that the party has got to stand for something other than white supremacy.

This will leave the white supremacists royally pissed off.

And, since the white supremacists are all armed to the teeth, they will probably commence murdering all the rest of us.

But here’s a happy thought. Postpone that long-awaited US vacation for a few years, until the gunpowder clears. As an alternative, maybe consider a trip to Greenland, where you can visit a glacier, before they are all gone.