What to Do About the Good Racists?

Pardon the phrasing of the headline, but I wanted to get your attention.

If you can’t abide the term “good racists,” then call them something else. Maybe “the George Wallace Lite Brigade.”

Who are the George Wallace Lite Brigade?

These are folks who

  • are persuaded that people of white European descent are superior to black and brown people in intelligence and industry,
  • place little or no value on cultural diversity,
  • don’t admit to their white privilege, but damn sure want to hang onto it, but who, at the same time,
  • don’t want to treat individual black and brown people abusively, or in an overtly discriminatory way, and who
  • don’t cotton to schoolyard bully racist taunts, which they associate, quite rightly, with white trash behavior—and which prejudice their cognitive ability to treasure their white privilege while continuing to deny they have any white privilege.

What to do with the Good Racists?

Well, here’s what I say. I say don’t condone their racism, either explicitly or implicitly. HOWEVER, we need as many votes as we can get from everyone. So let’s think strategically, and see if we can get some of these folks to stay home on election day, or even to vote for our side.

Why Might Some of Their Votes be Gettable?

Four reasons.

One: Rational Balance of Competing Goals and Values

This applies to all racists, including the bully boys. Pleasurable as it may be to have a fellow white racist in the White House, a-validatin’ of your views every livelong day, some might balance that rare pleasure against the fact that Trump wants to take your Obamacare away, which means you will die.

Two: Aversion to Bullying

As I said, the Good Racists/George Wallace Lite Brigade don’t like all the white trash bullying. It turns ‘em off. Especially the ladies.

Three: Fear of Violent Racial Conflict

El Paso. Need I say more?

Four: Strategic Voting

Just as lots of Democrats see electability as the most desirable quality, so also some of these folks probably see Trump as a big strategic threat to the continued viability of the Republican Party. As I have said before, the guy gives racism a bad name.

How to Speak to the Good Racists/George Wallace Lite Brigade?

Say that Trump is inciting racial hatred. Say that he sounds like a schoolyard bully. Say that he’s a really bad role model for your kids. Say that he’s unpresidential. Say that he’s playing the race card, to try to fool you into voting against your own interests. But you’re too smart for that, aren’t you?

Among other things, all these arguments have the merit of being true.

How to Piss Off the Good Racists/George Wallace Lite Brigade, and Ensure They All Turn Out for Trump

Insist on having a long conversation with them about the precise meaning of the word “racism” as set forth in the Oxford English Dictionary. And about how their views fit that precise dictionary definition to a T.  And about how anyone whose views fit that precise dictionary definition is an irredeemably bad person.


Welcome to today’s readers in Canada, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States. If Trump wins again, I will be investigating some of your countries as potential retirement options.