Let Us All Rend Our Garments in Unison, Making as Loud a Noise as Possible

Actually, I agree generally with the substance of the commentary, though not necessarily with the mood music.

And I think it might be worth your while to take a listen to today’s Morning Rant. That, you should not be surprised to learn, is the very reason why I posted it.

We are indeed in a situation of peril. But here’s the deal.

Let’s say you’re out on the interstate, driving, let’s say, on the open road to get from one of Trump’s Hellhole Cities to another. And something goes wrong. A driver near you is behaving dangerously. There’s a blinding snowstorm. You’re driving into the sunset, the sun comes out from behind the clouds, and you can’t see a damn thing. These things have all happened to me, and I’ll bet they have happened to you as well.

There are three reactions you might have.

  1. You might pretend there’s nothing wrong, and drive with only the normal level of skill and attention.
  2. You might have a panic attack.
  3. You might rev up your concentration to its highest pitch, switch into driving with your utmost level of skill, and just bloody well get through it.

Two of these approaches invite disaster. Only one is appropriate to the situation.

This is the spirit in which I aim to blog, because, as the subtitle says, we are “living in an implausible, poorly written dystopian novel.”