True to Our God, True to Our Native Land

Adam Serwer, Trump Tells America What Kind of Nationalist He Is: In a series of tweets attacking four Democratic congresswomen, the president reiterated his belief that only white people can truly be American.

Jonathan Chait, Republicans Baffled Why Trump Keeps Saying Racist Things

Jonathan V. Last, The Evil Genius of Trump’s Bigotry

The go-back-to-Africa tweets have served as a political Rorschach test: some see political “genius,” albeit maybe “evil genius,” while others—including some Trump supporters and some opponents—see stupidity.

Before Trump started tweeting on Sunday, progressives inclined toward hand-wringing were wringing their hands and rending their garments over an internecine Democratic pissing contest: Pelosi versus the Squad.

Now the hand-wringing crowd has discovered a new occasion to rend their garments: Trump’s evil political genius will make establishment Democrats embrace AOC and her BFFs, who will become the “face” of the Democratic Party.

Democratic division? Let’s all wring our hands and rend our garments.

Democratic solidarity? Well, let’s just keep on wringing our hands and rending our garments.

Give me a break.

I assume what Trump thought he was doing was distracting the talking heads, to keep them from talking about the miserable, no good, rotten, very bad week he had last week.

very bad day

But what Trump thought he was doing don’t make no nevermind.

The important point is that Trump pretty much said, in words of one syllable, that America is only for white people.

Let us assume that proposition is, in fact embraced by ninety percent of the people who still call themselves Republicans. I hope it’s a little lower than ninety percent, but let’s just assume the worst.

Ninety percent of people who still call themselves Republican is still way, way too many people who will embrace, or tolerate, vicious backwardness.

But, whatever the true number of white nationalists may be, I, for one, welcome getting the issue out into the open. I don’t know whether Trump will keep on saying—more and more explicitly every time—that America is for white people and anyone else is here on sufferance. I don’t know, my guess is that he will do that very thing. Because at least we will all know where we stand.