Your Daily Dose of Optimism

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David Brooks, Your Daily Dose of Optimism!

Very good piece. Please read it for yourself to learn why you should be optimistic this morning.

Nadler: Hope Hicks testimony is huge gift in legal battle with Trump

My sense is that “huge” is a little too strong—and that Jerry is having a go at messing with Trump’s mind.

All that said, it’s also true that Trump is pressing the principle of “executive privilege” way past any reasonable limits, based on existing case law. And it’s true that it’s generally a good thing when your adversary overplays his hand.

The Monmouth University Poll

“Fewer than 4-in-10 registered voters (37%) say that Trump should be reelected in 2020. A majority of 59% say it is time to have someone new in the Oval Office.”

My comment: a while back, I (along with lots of others) figured out that a majority of Trump supporters are cultists, but a significant minority of them are people who are happy that the cultists are being fooled into voting for the plutocratic agenda. Based on that insight, the key strategic question then became, how to peel off the cynics from the cultists?

By this point, it’s becoming clearer every day that the best progressive tactic to reach this strategic goal is to do nothing at all. Just let Trump be Trump. Let him keep on riling up the third of the country who love him—by doing and saying things that royally piss off the other two thirds.