On Rediscovering What Our Grandparents Knew about Unrestrained Capitalism

man controlling trade

Let me draw your attention to Dana Milbank’s post last evening, Democratic moderates are owning their mistakes.

These, mind you, are not just any old randomly selected mistakes. No, these mistakes relate specifically to an intellectual failure to understand that unrestrained capitalism is bad for a lot of working people.

A couple of days ago I heard a talking head—can’t remember who it was—who made a very good point: Trump articulated people’s grievances. And in 2020 the Democrats need to find someone who can articulate their grievances any better.

Well, yes they do.

But the first step is to wrap your mind around the fact that there are some real grievances that need articulatin’. That’s what Milbank’s piece is all about. He thinks it’s happening, and I hope he’s right.

As a next step, it would be nice if you not only articulate the grievances—“I feel your pain”—but also have some plans that would actually address the grievances.

You need a woman with a plan.


The photo above depicts a statue that was commissioned in 1937, completed in 1942, and sits outside the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC. In case you lack skill in interpreting allegorical art, the name of the statue gives a clue about its intended message. It’s called “Man Controlling Trade.”