“He Didn’t Call Me ‘Boy,’ He Called Me ‘Son’”

Just listened to a bunch of talking heads talking about yesterday’s Joe Biden gaffe. One was black, while the remainder, like me, were among the tribe of the melanin-deprived.

For the latter, the big question was whether Biden was right to work with segregationists—in a “civil way” in order to “get things done.”

The African-American talking head, by contrast, saw the main issue as whether it’s right to joke about grown men calling other grown men “boys.”

The half a dozen melanin-deprived talking heads could not, for love or money, wrap their minds around how insulting that was.

Folks, we’ve go a ways to go.


The stats this morning show my readership is rising, especially in India. Y’all have a caste system there too, so you can probably relate to this post.