Canada, If You’re Listening


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The Legal Significance of a Formal Impeachment Inquiry

I begin with a short message for anyone who couldn’t slog their way through my long talk on the constitutional law of congressional investigations. First of all, I feel your pain. Second, here’s the bottom line, that comes in last few paragraphs of my talk: after some days of legal research, I now see a tangible legal benefit to initiating an formal impeachment investigation. There may or may not be a countervailing political argument against that course of action. Both things could be true at the same time: impeachment might hurt the Democrats politically, but help them legally. Be that as it may, I think the potential legal benefit of formal impeachment proceedings is big enough to take into consideration.

Accepting Political Help from Furriners

This morning, everybody is talking about the Stephanopoulos interview. For the record, I join with everyone else in feeling shocked, stunned, and deeply saddened by Trump’s remarks. But, on a more practical note, Trump has business interests in at least 25 foreign countries, as shown on the map above. any of them would rather not see him reelected.

Foreign countries, if you’re listening, now’s the time to look at Trump’s businesses, and dish the dirt on The Donald.