Buck Up, Everybody

A new study asserts that Trump’s steady 41-43 percent support level disguises the fact that he is losing some ground among blue collar Midwesterners, while gaining support among many of the country club Ritchie Riches who previously held their noses.

The latter tend to be located in states where Democrats will win anyway. The former tend to be located in swing states.

So that’s nice.

Meanwhile, 62 percent of women disapprove of Trump, but only 46 percent of men share that regrettable sentiment.

The majority of men, it appears, are not a credit to their gender.

Fortunately, when they think about voting, men are inclined just to settle back and have another brewski. Female registered voters in the United States exceed male registered voters by five million. In 2016, 63.3 percent of registered female voters went to the polls, compared to 59.3 percent of registered male voters.

Buck up, everybody.