On Thursday, William Barr Needs to Wash His Hair, Get a Pedicure, and Pick Up Some Groceries


So he will not be able to testify before the House Judiciary Committee.

Pundits continue to marvel that William Barr Didn’t Really Need This Job—and that in his testimony today he showed “casual contempt and disdain”for the proper role of the attorney general. He was just sort of phoning it in.

But the Trumpster, we are told, loved it. Ate it up with two spoons. Saw Barr’s testimony as a great victory for his team.

But don’t forget: what Barr redacted is important, but so is what he didn’t redact.

And what Barr says is important, but so is what he does.

Most importantly, will he obstruct the many ongoing investigations? (Dr. Aardvark asked, “How will we know?” Good question. The answer is that, if he obstructs, there will be leaks. Man o man, will there be leaks.)

A performance so wretched as materially to diminish his, and Trump’s, already diminished reputations. Imbecilic exclamations of delight from Trump—elicited by a man who “really didn’t need this job.”

I become increasingly persuaded that Barr has decided that if he is going to live in Looneytown, then the only way he will be effective is to act the part of the looniest loon around.

That’s what Looneytown’s mayor wants. That’s what Barr is giving him.

Meanwhile, overacting so badly that sometime soon the only one who will not get the joke is the mayor.