Scared Shitless

if Trump loses

One of my Red State High classmates of yesteryear posted this on Facebook.

Her parents and grandparents sat by the radio and listened attentively when Franklin Roosevelt told them the only thing they had to fear was fear itself. Now she listens to Rush Limbaugh and is scared out of her mind.

Her views are so witless that they are laughable. Not to mention tragic. And dangerous.

One of my posse—someone well positioned to know about such things—has observed that Trump may not be Hitler, but Trump’s people and Hitler’s people are much of a muchness.

And so, as E.J. Dione reminds us this morning, Republican politicians will probably give Democrats no help whatsoever in preserving the rule of law. How can they? Their constituents are scared shitless.

And so, as Lenin famously inquired, what is to be done?

Dione points out that

Trump and Barr have begun a battle for the minds and hearts of that small number of Americans (roughly 10 percent or a little more) who are not already locked into their positions. … The uncommitted now need to see the full horror of what Mueller revealed about this president. …

This means the House Judiciary, Intelligence, and Oversight and Reform committees should and will begin inquiries immediately. …

Nothing is gained by labeling these initial hearings and document requests part of an “impeachment” process. But impeachment should remain on the table. Because Trump and Barr will resist all accountability, preserving the right to take formal steps toward impeachment will strengthen the Democrats’ legal arguments that they have a right to information that Trump would prefer to deep-six.