Breaking News! Dog Bites Man. Trump Tweets Some More Word Salad Nonsense.

dog bites man

Please let the record reflect that I have no objection to the media’s reporting of news I don’t like.

That said, I do have an objection of the media’s saturation of my inbox with headlines that contain no actual news.

If Trump tweets out this afternoon that Mueller is running a pedophile ring out of a Pizza Hut in Georgetown, please go ahead and report it. Especially if he adds that Bill and Hillary are in on the deal. Along with ISIS.

The novelty value would justify the news report.

On the other hand, let it be said that this day, I, Arius A. Aardvark, rose with the voice of one crying in the wilderness, vehemently objecting to continual bombardment with information on Trump’s latest iteration of “no collusion” and “witch hunt.”

Folks, it’s not news. Just ignore it.

Druge light

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