Zu dumm für eine Verschwörung

dieser Fuhrer


Thanks to a leading member of my posse for this take on the Mueller report from Der Spiegel. Their headline means “too dumb for a conspiracy.”

Meanwhile, I was just munching on lunch while watching a few talking heads on my favorite cable TV news channel. That had evidently ventured into the heartland, where the Real Mericans live, and found a Real Merican to interview. He was a non-descript individual wearing a baseball cap. This gentlemen’s take on the Mueller report was that he had long since figured out that Trump is “a despicable human being,” but that he is “more inclined than ever” to vote for Trump, “because of all the wonderful things he has done.”

The reporter did not explore the last point, at least on camera, but I assume this man was some combination of a white identity maven, a fetus person, an antitaxer, and/or a lover of deregulation, particularly the kind of deregulation that poisons the planet.

Not witless. Not stupid, exactly. Just a person who knows what he values—exactly like you and me.

I’ll keep on watching that Trump disapproval green line on FiveThirtyEight.com. It would be nice if it moves downward in the coming days, but don’t hold your breath.

Takeaway: if Trump were smart, he would just stop talking about the Mueller report.

But Trump is a Dummkopf.

So we know what he will do.