Morning Reality Check

A Famous PR Victory

This morning, some of the talking heads were allowing as how the Barr “summary” of the Mueller Report gave a PR “victory” to Trump and his enablers.

The Barr “summary” is dated March 24. On March 23, 52.6 percent of registered or likely voters “disapproved” of Trump, while 42.9 percent “approved.”

As of today, 52.2 percent “disapprove,” and 43.3 percent “approve.”

Conclusion: something—presumably, that something being the Barr “summary”—has caused four tenths of one percent of our voters to change their minds about Trump. Meanwhile, that something, whatever it is, has not affected the remaining 99.6 percent of our electorate.*

A Famous Victory over Mexico

Trump’s false claims about Mexico’s immigration system

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 9.33.50 AM

The Washington Post reports, “Trump says Mexico began to detain thousands of Central American migrants at its southern border only this week. Let’s not beat around the bush here — that’s totally false.”

A Famous Birth in the Bronx, Germany

Richard Wolfe, Why did Trump say his dad was German? He lies so much he doesn’t know the truth

*Data are from the poll averages shown by My heart told me to use the “all adults” average, because it’s less friendly to Trump. But my head told me to use the average of polls of “likely or registered voters,” because it better tracks the way people actually vote. So that’s the one I used.