The Wrath of Trump

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Trump does what Trump does: claim victory or vindication, tell lie after lie, attack, insult, and bully. He was doin’ that yesterday, he’s doin’ that today, and he’ll be doin’ that tomorrow.

This afternoon, I am detecting a tendency on the part of some among my posse to be faint of heart.

My first answer is that, if the facts justified a defeatist attitude, then a defeatist attitude might be in order.  But you are not reacting to the Mueller report, you’re reacting to the Barr purported precis of the Mueller report. And there is good ground to believe that the two may be quite different.

Secondly, Mueller evidently came up with bupkis that might talk the Trump cultists out of being Trump cultists. But that was not going to happen, anyway.

Thirdly, Mueller and Barr have done absolutely nothing to refute the views of those who despise Trump and all his works, like us.

Finally, that leaves a narrow set of folks in the middle—folks who might vote for Trump, or might vote for Obama, or might vote for the Man in the Moon. I have no earthly idea what these people are thinking. Burrowing into their psyches seems to pose an even greater challenge than grasping why someone might embrace the Cult of Trump.

All that said, I really don’t think most of the low information folks in the squishy middle are going to care about Mueller and Barr, one way or the other. My suspicion is that if they vote in 2020, it will be on economic issues.

So be of good cheer. Remember to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, and blaming it on you. And to trust yourself when all men doubt you, yet make allowance for their doubting, too.