“He was Sorry He Missed”

looseScrewIn her op-ed entitled Amy Klobuchar’s defenders mistake the promise of feminism,Washington Post columnist Elizabeth Bruening gives permission for feminists to condemn Senator Klobuchar’s abuse of her staff.

That’s nice.

When I was a young lawyer, one of the partners to whom I report was a male Amy Klobuchar. I’ll call him Al.

To me, Al was horrifically abusive verbally, and not all of it was deserved. A peer of mine credibly reported that Al threw a filing cabinet drawer at him. Later, my friend said, “Al stopped by to say he was sorry. But I always thought he was sorry he missed.”

Some months after the filing cabinet incident, I had to visit Al in his office one morning. I found him pacing around and around in a circle, muttering darkly to himself. “Arius,” Al declared, “do you know that nothing anyone has said to me this past week has made any sense whatsoever?”

I was prepared to give full credence to Al’s report of his subjective state of mind: how nothing he had heard recently made any sense sense—to him.

I think you know the takeaway: abnormal abuse of staff signifies a loose screw.

We don’t need another president with a loose screw.