Why Plutocrats Can’t Sleep at Night


If you have, in the recent past, donated large sums of money to elect Republicans, and if you are not a sociopath, what might concern you about the Trump presidency and the upcoming election? For example, might you be regret that the president you helped elect is a traitorous, unhinged, narcissistic liar?

So you might think.

But do the “top Republican donors” in fact have such concerns?

No, ladies and germs, they do not.

But do they, nevertheless, spend the evening sleeplessly tossing and turning? And do they spend their waking hours drinking Pepto Bismol to keep from shitting in their pants?

Yes, they do indeed. This article tells us why:

GOP donors: Trump campaign lacks a strategy to win in 2020

Late last month, more than 100 major Republican donors gathered at the Trump International Hotel for a presentation from the president’s campaign manager Brad Parscale and other top political hands on their plans to keep the White House in 2020 after a brutal midterm election.

But several of the GOP contributors left the two-day retreat in Washington dissatisfied, dogged by essentially the same concern: The president doesn’t really have a strategy to win reelection. …

[B]ased on the interviews, the campaign plainly has work to do to assuage at least some of the Republican donor class, which he will need to finance a massive campaign infrastructurethat he lacked in 2016. Several donors who regularly contribute to Republican presidential candidates and the political groups supporting Trump said his campaign didn’t learn from its mistakes during the 2018 midterm elections, when Republicans lost control of the House and suffered other defeats nationwide.

“We took a shellacking in the midterms,” said Dan Eberhart, a major Republican donor and energy company executive who did not attend the conference but speaks frequently with other Trump givers. “Donors are concerned that the Trump reelect might draw the wrong conclusions from the Republicans’ defeat in the 2018 midterms and are stressing to administration sources and the nascent campaign that a more inclusive … strategy is needed” that reaches beyond the president’s core supporters.