We’re Number 35! We’re Number 35!


I googled “America has the world’s best healthcare” and got “about 7,590,000,000 results.” Well, you can say something really, really often—you can say it seven billion times, if you like—but that doesn’t make it true.

Americans are not only unhealthy, we are uninformed.

In fact, according to the latest Bloomburg Heathiest Country Index, released yesterday, 34 nations are healthier than we are.

But I guess we can’t have universal health care because, dagnab it, we just can’t afford it.

Details follow.

healthiest countries


Greetings to today’s readers in Germany, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, and the United States. For those of you who didn’t make the top 44 list, just be grateful for all that money you are saving by eschewing socialistic control of the healthcare industry.

But do try to add some extra virgin oilve oil and nuts to your diet. They say it does wonder for health in Italy and Spain.