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Of my virtual daughter, a reader observes, “She’s a lovely girl. Be sure she marries a Republican, somebody who can keep her in designer furniture, clothing, carpets and, of course, pedigree dogs. And designer book collections.”

This morning’s message from Pollyanna concerns new polling about the Wall and The National Emergency.

Folks identifying as white evangelicals think there is a real national emergency, approve of Trump’s declaration, and say what he did makes it more likely to vote for him. Or, at least 60 to 70 percent of them take that view, depending on exactly what question they are responding to.

Which, may I remind you, means that at least 30 percent of self-identified white evangelicals don’t buy into Trump’s border wall bullshit. That’s qualifiedly good news for progressives. And, by the way, it implies that a strong minority of evangelicals are actually Christians.

But the really good news is that if we look at all non-college-educated pale faces, a plurality don’t think there’s a border emergency at all, and they disapprove of the national emergency declaration by a ten percent margin.

Over all, Mericans disapprove of the national emergency declaration by 61 to 36 percent.

That’s good news. But the really good news is that uneducated white people who are not evangelical Christians are rejecting Trump’s nonsense.

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A Concluding Observation about Republican Senators from States Outside the South

Lindsey Graham is acting like an asshole because he is deathly afraid of his South Carolina base. The new polling allows us to reverse engineer the political thinking behind this kind of assholery. Ditto for McConnell in Kentucky.

But if McConnell and Graham persuade all their Republican brethren and sistern to follow their lead, then a bunch of them are jumping straight off a cliff, because lots of their base are not evangelicals.

As Pollyanna remarked last night over our dinner of caviar and filet mignon, if these folks are determined to jump off a cliff, then it really couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.


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