Who Will Investigate the Lieutenant Governor?


This sounds like a rhetorical question, but actually it’s a real question, with a real answer. It turns out that the office of lieutenant governor of Virginia is a part time job, paying an annual salary of $36,321. Virginia Lieutenant governors are expected to have a day job.

Up until a couple of days ago, Justin Fairfax’s day job was partner of Morrison & Foerster, a top tier corporate law firm (AmLaw ranks it number 28 in the country). Now he’s been placed on leave by his law firm, and they have hired outside counsel to investigate the rape allegations against him.

Morrison—universally known as MoFo—has compelling economic interests that dictate a full and fair investigation. The most important among these is the need to continue to attract top legal talent to the firm.

Many law school graduates would hesitate to accept employment with a law firm perceived as railroading an African American partner, based on flimsy and unreliable evidence.

But by like token, many law graduates would hesitate to accept employment with a law firm that disregards serious accusations of sexual misconduct.

MoFo urgently needs to get to the bottom of the matter, and that right quickly. As a matter of cold, hard economic calculation, they urgently need to do justice, and to be seen to do justice.

Organizations like MoFo do not hesitate to act on the basis of cold, hard economic calculations.