Screwers and Screwees


Trump’s Potential New Shutdown Screw

Funding for the government will run out again on February 15. Assume, for the sake of the discussion, that Republicans and Democrats reach an agreement on permanent funding before that time, and assume that Trump doesn’t like it.

He will have three choices. One, he can sign the bill and reopen the government, and perhaps throw in a “state of emergency” for good measure. Or not. Two, he can veto the bill and see if the Senate and House override his veto. Or, three, he can sit on the bill for ten days, before deciding whether to sign or veto it.

Today is February 4. If there is to be a deal between the Senate and the House, it will not come ten days before February 15. It probably will not come ten minutes before February 15.

So Trump can have fun shutting down the government again.

I wouldn’t put it past him.

The Nancy Pelosi National Emergency Screw

Experts on the subject—of whom I am not one—tell us that if Trump declares a national emergency, Nancy “can trigger a process that could require the GOP-controlled Senate to hold a vote on such a declaration by Trump — which would put Senate Republicans in a horrible political position.”

If so, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.