Arma Faecesque Cano

Eugene Robinson has a Pulitzer prize and a prestigious job writing punditry, and I have neither. But I think both of us are facing a similar problem: our respective muses are running dry.

In The scariest thing about Trump’s tweets, Robinson first sentence poses a rhetorical question that gets right to the point: “Of all the crackpots on social media, is any more untethered to reality than the president of the United States?”

Trump is amoral, cruel, and lacking in human empathy, but these characteristics are often found in people at the top of the heap.

He is a bully, but so are many Fortune 500 CEOs.

He is a hypocrite, but so are many politicians.

And, may I say, many people—especially those with power and authority—do not hesitate to sling the shit from time to time.

What truly sets Trump apart from the common herd is that everything, without exception, that he says is bullshit.

And that that slinging the shit is his ONLY tool for mastering a situation, asserting dominance, and getting his way.

To pick a random comparison, think of Lyndon Johnson or Bill Clinton. Yes, they would bullshit from time to time. But they had additional arrows in their quiver. Additional tools in their toolkit.

Two thousand five hundred years ago, in The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Aesop identified the fatal flaw in a life strategy based on serial mendacity. Today, Trump is the poster child for that life lesson.

Fear of Trump is rapidly dissipating. No one believes him. Those who pretend to believe him face the grave risk of losing what little shred is left of their reputation.

What more is there to say?