Nancy Defeats Sluggo

nancy and slugger


I say sleep well because, sometime in the 9:00 PM hour, The Donald signed the bill to reopen the government. In short, the fat lady finally sang.

Permit me to make three points.

First, I think my prognostications held up well. The Senate Republicans could not stand the pressure—and broke.

Second, although much commentary mentions bad polling and general voter dissatisfaction as the proximate cause of the senators’ awakening, I will bet that it also had a lot to do with heavy lobbying by the corporate and financial elite. Truly objective reporting would—I believe, but cannot prove—show that pressure from the one percent was as important as pressure from the 99 percent, in changing the Republican senators’ minds.

Third, it’s entirely understandable that we tend to personalize this sort of controversy. (See, for example, the cartoon above.) And I don’t deny the important role that personality conflicts and egos play in political fights. At bottom, though, the shutdown should be viewed in the context of wide-ranging efforts by the minority right wing to circumvent democracy and impose dictatorship on the majority.

I believe we have come to a point where coercive imposition of right wing policies is something up with which the rational majority will no longer put.