Humpty Trumpty Sat on a Wall


I don’t know how the government shutdown will end, though I still count on the plutocracy to do the right thing.

I do not feel as quite as optimistic as the image above might imply. That said, there is some good ground for optimism. Take a look, for example, at this average of polls, from early December to date, showing Trump’s popularity from early December to date, by an average of polls of all adults:

screen shot 2019-01-21 at 10.13.03 am

And I like what David Frum, who is nobody’s fool, had to say yesterday in The President’s Hostage Attempt Is Going Miserably Wrong:

The sometimes Trump ally Senator Marco Rubio tweeted Saturday afternoon that it is not reasonable for Democrats to demand unconditional surrender by the president. But it was Trump who rejected the path of compromise when he shut down the government.

The shutdown was a demand for unconditional surrender. Unfortunately for him, the president lacks the political realism to recognize that he doesn’t have the clout to impose that surrender. He’s the one who will now have to climb down, and very soon, probably within days. The end of a hostage taking is not a surrender. But it will surely feel that way to the hostage taker—and deservedly, too.