What is Barr’s Game?

William Barr

We have had the hearings, we have read the July Barr memo, we have digested the information. Here is my quick take, for what it is worth. I wish I had time to develop these thoughts more fully, but life intervenes. So please let me just make some shorthand points.

One. It is obvious even to those of the meanest intelligence that Barr sought the job of Attorney General. When he says that the job sought him, he is fibbin’.

Two. There are many, highly persuasive reasons why someone of his ilk would not have wanted the job—at this time, in these circumstances.

Three. If follows ineluctably from points one and two that Barr is coming to Washington with a mission. I am sure that he cares about issues that normal attorney generals in normal times care about: mass incarceration, immigration enforcement, the finer points of antitrust theory. But common sense would tell us that his concern about such matters is not a motivating factor.

Four. So what might that mission be?

Conceivably, it might be to protect Donald J. Trump at all costs. But there are multiple reasons to reject that supposition.

Conceivably, his secret mission might be to ensure that Donald J. Trump is screwed, blued, and tattooed, in the impeachment process.

But, in my view, it remains much more likely that William Barr, Esquire, has come to Washington to get Donald J. Trump offstage, through a Spiro Agnew-type agreement to resign from office in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

William Barr, Esquire, is the kind of person whose overarching mission in life is to do the bidding of the plutocracy. And the plutocracy—for its own amoral, financially motivated reasons—is sick and tired of the horseshit.


I am gestating a post to be entitled, “I Read the Barr Memo, So You Don’t Have To.” Hope to get it done early next week.