Inside His Reptilian Mind


In Donald Trump is the world’s worst negotiator, Paul Waldman makes the case that … Well, I think the title tells what case he makes.

Others have argued that he doesn’t want a deal, he wants a big fight—in which case, it isn’t exactly ineptitude, it’s showmanship.

All plausible points. Here’s my take.

In Trump’s reptilian mind, he reasons that he can win by causing all manner of misery to all manner of people. He thinks that the Democrats are wimpish empathizers, so they will knuckle under long before the smart, empathyless crowd he represents gives in. So he will win.

His reptilian reasoning is both right and wrong. An imbalance of empathy could indeed, sometimes, lead to an imbalance in negotiating power.

What his  mind has not grasped is that he is so unreliable a negotiator, and so autocratic in his inclinations, that it will be impossible for the Democrats to make a deal with him.

Once they kowtow the first time, the kowtowing will never end.

So there cannot be a first time.

A minority of our fellow citizens want to exercise dictatorship over the majority. It cannot happen.