Four Things That Can’t Happen


If a thing can’t happen, then it won’t happen. Yes, it’s a truism. But it’s a truism that can be useful in clarifying complicated situations. With that thought in mind, let us look at four things that cannot happen.

  1. The Shutdown Cannot Continue

To illustrate: it is not practical for our borders to be guarded by a horde of homeless people, working without pay, living rough on the streets, and dining out of soup kitchens.

That dog will not hunt.

  1. The Democrats Cannot Cave

Caving would really piss off the majority of the country. But put that aside.

There might be a momentary inclination to think, oh, just let him have some of his damn wall and move on. But the fatal flaw in that thinking is clear. Apart from the fact that it would royally piss off the majority of our citizenry, giving in to a ransom demand would only encourage Mr. Give-me-an-inch-and-I’ll-take-a-mile to make more and more ransom demands.

So it cannot happen.

  1. Trump Cannot Cave, Nor Can He Be Seen to Cave

If he were seen to cave, his crazy supporters would no longer be supporters. Particularly the most wall-crazed of them all: the people who call themselves white evangelical Christians.

  1. Republican Senators Cannot Cave to the Democrats

Otherwise, they place themselves at great risk of losing primary challenges to radical Trumpistas. And even if they survive the next primary, caving to Democrats now would be sure to fracture their base and make them lose the general election.

As an aside, you might think that a hypothetical Rational Republican Senator would say to himself, “If my job requires me to try to get in front of an angry, irrational mob, I am probably in the wrong job.” But the problem is that people who think like hypothetical Rational Republican Senators are in fact former Republican senators.

So, Which of These Four Things That Cannot Happen Will Actually Happen?

As a matter of logic, one of the four things that I have said cannot happen, must in fact happen. Which one will it be?

I don’t know the answer, but reason would dictate that it will be thing number four: a cave by Republican senators.

Because the one thing these folks fear more than the irrational wrath of their base is the wrath of the plutocrats who support them financially and who pull their strings.

The Plutocrats’ Choice

Either step up to the plate or watch America turn into a failed state.