Something There Is That Doesn’t Love a Wall


Matthew Yglesias makes an interesting, and possibly valid, point. It is captured in the headline and subheading: The shutdown is intractable because Trump’s wall is ridiculous and Republicans know it: Conservatives won’t trade the wall for anything good because they know it’s a bad idea.

But, of course, these folks who “know” the wall is a bad idea are not the same as the 25 percent or so of American adults who have joined the Cult of Trump.

Over at Politico, they’re treating the Trump border shutdown tweets, discussed in my last post,  as unserious venting. A cooped-up Trump’s threats fail to break budget deadlock: The president is consumed by the shutdown, according to people close to him, and has been throwing out escalating Twitter ultimatums — to no avail.

I don’t know how the shutdown mess will be resolved. I don’t know whether he will try to “shut down the border.” I don’t know whether he will try to fire the head of the Federal Reserve. I don’t know whether he will restage the Saturday Night Massacre.

But we all know her is taking concrete steps to blow up our international military alliances.

And you might ask the Syrian Kurds whether it’s a good idea to bet your life on the hope  that Trump doesn’t mean the crazy things he says.