No Exit


This morning the Washington Post’s editorial board informs us that The way out of the shutdown has been obvious for weeks.

Oh, really? And what way out would that be?

Why, simplicity itself, declares the board. Trump gets his wall and the Dreamers get legal protection.

Don’t think so. The wingnuts vetoed that deal a long time ago, and they would sure as hell veto it again.

At the same time, Post op-ed writer Paul Waldman takes another pass: The best way to force Trump’s hand? Ignore him.

In other words, Mitch and Chuck and Nancy should just reach a deal among themselves, pass it, and dare Trump to veto it—which, according to Waldman, he would be too cowardly to do.

Won’t work. Trump is a coward, all right, but his cowardice is trumped by his terror at the prospect of the death of the Cult of Trump.

Maybe Mitch and Chuck and Nancy will do what Waldman advises them to do. I have no ideal about that.

But logic tells me it ain’t gonna work.

We are conditioned to think that every crisis has a solution. But that is not necessarily the case. Sometimes, we just do the same stupid thing over and over again.

charlie brown