“At Seven It’s Marginal, Right?”


In a story worthy of The Onion, but sadly not from The Onion, Philip Rucker writes in the Washington Post, ‘I am all alone’: An isolated Trump unleashes a storm of Yuletide gloom.

Here is one of many highlights:

President Trump, who had not been seen in public since before the government closed Friday, appeared Monday evening with the first lady for an annual photo opportunity tracking Santa Claus on military radar. The couple sat in armchairs in the State Dining Room, where a fire was crackling and presents sat around two Christmas trees, and talked into separate phones to participate in NORAD Santa Tracker calls with children.

Trump risked blowing Santa’s cover when he asked a child named Coleman, “Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at seven it’s marginal, right?”

And a Bonus Story from the Real Onion

Nation’s Oppressed Christians Huddle Underground To Light Single Shriveled Christmas Shrub


I see that, on Christmas day, I have some readers in Russia. Hmm …