Not with a Bang but a Whimper

bang and whimper

I don’t wish to be tiresome, but let me button down the implications of the preceding post and other recent observations on my part.

One. Leaving Trump in office for two more years is becoming intolerable to our financial overlords.

Two. If Trump is in fact left in office, he will feel compelled to run again, because he knows that the moment he leaves office, his ass will be indicted, bigly.

Three. But having Trump seek reelection in 2020 will kill off the Republican Party. Killing off the Republican Party would greatly imperil the financial elite’s long-term project of conning the racist rubes to promote upward distribution of wealth. This is something up with which our financial overlords will not put.

Four. The 25th Amendment probably wouldn’t work. Impeachment might work, but it would be a terrible option for Republicans. Why? For one simple reason: each senator would have to vote yes or no. Each would be a terrible option, in relation to future electability.

Five. Impeachment would likewise be a terrible option for Donald J. Trump. Yes, there would be that blot on his escutcheon. But he is not one to care much about obloquy. The big problema would be the same downside as losing in 2020: immediate, multiple indictments, indictments that would thrust his gonads into a vice, big time.

Six. Resignation with the promise of a Pence pardon might be worth a look, but that option has a variety of downsides, too.

Seven. But there is a remedy to the country’s dilemma, to the plutocrats’ dilemma, to the Republican senators’ dilemma, and, perhaps most importantly, to Trump’s dilemma.

And what, you ask, is this phenomenal panacea, this remarkable remedy, this confounding catholicon?

Why, it is a binding deal, with all relevant prosecutors, under which Trump leaves office and receives immunity from future prosecution for every criminal violation he has committed prior to the agreement.

If a Thing Has to Happen, Then That Thing Will Happen

Inasmuch as resignation with immunity is the only way out of this mess, it will be the way out.