Prelapsarian Man Begins to Get a Clue That Something May Be Amiss

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From the L.A. Times on Friday: Trump increasingly isolated as aides leave, friends flip and investigations advance:

Tony Schwartz, the ghost writer of Trump’s 1987 bestselling book, “The Art of the Deal,” said the reckoning Trump faces follows decades of operating under a belief that he was above the law.

“He got away with so much, for so long, that he came to believe he was untouchable and invincible,” Schwartz said.

He said Trump followed the tactics he learned from his late mentor, the hard-knuckled New York lawyer Roy Cohn — “Lie about everything, attack back twice as hard as you’ve been hit, keep at it relentlessly until people finally give up and [they] stop arguing with your fabricated reality.”

“Trump is still living in that reality, but the world isn’t going along with him anymore,” he added.

Several others close to the president, granted anonymity to speak openly about conversations with him, said Trump already senses diminishing respect and worries about losing support from powerful financial donors and Republican lawmakers as his legal and political troubles worsen.

But Individual 1 is sadly lacking in the mental tools needed to devise an effective strategy and appropriate tactics to address his dilemmas. Being more or less sub-human, he doesn’t understand how human beings think. As Mr. Schwartz sees it, Individual 1,

  • lacks “any self-awareness,”
  • “he’s free of shame,” because
  • “he has no conscience,” and
  • “he doesn’t feel the ordinary human emotions most of us do.”


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