The Curious Incident of Matt Whitaker in the Nighttime

Curious Incident

Rien, Nada, Bupkis, Diddlysquat

Between them, the Special Counsel and the S.D.N.Y. prosecutors are busy little bees. They appear to have lots of things going on. As of Thursday morning, two areas of inquiry are coming into clearer focus: (1) conspiracy by Trump and others to pay hush money to Trump’s harem, to keep them from getting into the headlines before the election, and (2) conspiracy to lie to Congress in a coordinated fashion, about Russia and other matters.

The recently-appointed Acting Attorney General, one Matthew Whitaker, has a resume that shows him to be a lightweight, a Trump lickspittle, and a bottom-feeding fraudster.

Reasoning from the relevant facts and circumstances, one might reasonably infer that he was appointed to high office, well beyond his depth, for the precise purpose of keeping the federal prosecutors from doing what they are now doing to Trump’s family and close associates.

But what, in fact, has Acting Attorney General Whitaker actually done to thwart the prosecutors?

As far as one can tell, the answer would be rien, nada, bupkis, diddlysquat.

Or, perhaps he has done, is doing, or plans to do something behind the scenes to serve his master and thwart the prosecutors. But evidence of any such activity is entirely missing. And, if he were doing anything at all to bestir himself on Trump’s behalf, I think the press would have got wind of it.

On the face of things, whatever his disabilities, Mr. Whitaker is not lacking in the self-preserving sense that God gave him, realizes his legal risk, and is not going to lift a finger for Trump.