“Why Trump is Likely to be Indicted by Manhattan US Attorney”


This is the title of an op-ed brought to you by an unimpeachable source, to wit, foxnews.com. Its author is Andrew C. McCarthy. Mr. McCarthy is a right wing pundit, a lawyer, a former prosecutor, and a purveyor of conspiracy theories, e.g., concerning Obama’s “sharia agenda.”

While thinking irrationally about some topics, he can apparently formulate a reasoned argument of some complexity on other subjects. In this, he has much in common with the rest of the human race, including me.

A more accurate, though perhaps less enticing, title for McCarthy’s piece would be something like, How a Close Reading of the Legal Briefs Filed by Manhattan Federal Prosecutors in the Michael Cohen Matter Leads Me to Conclude They Have a Hardon to Indict Trump.

I won’t try to summarize McCarthy’s reasoning, which seems generally persuasive, but will instead commend the Faux News op-ed to your attention, should you be interested.

Some Additional Context

One, most of us don’t like criminals, and prosecutors especially don’t like criminals. Accordingly, inasmuch as Trump is a criminal, it isn’t surprising that the federal prosecutors in New York would have a serious hankering to indict him.

Two, as to whether they are “likely” to indict him, that depends on the views of the Attorney General. I assume that Whitaker would say no. What Barr will say is a very interesting question.

Three, McCarthy uses the opportunity to take a jab at Obama and “his” Justice Department, averring that Obama committed far greater sins than Trump in respect of campaign finance violations, and the Justice Department let him skate. Whatever the merits of that contention may or may not be, it looks as if the wingers are trying to build a case of prosecutorial discrimination.

Four, dropping back a step, I don’t think the best way to nail Trump would be to begin by charging him criminally for covering up his trysts.

Lots of people have the notion that you can have trouble keeping your dick in your pants and yet still be an acceptable president. And likewise, that trying to shush your mistresses is not the very worse thing in the world.

Remember Clinton?

For that matter, remember Thomas Jefferson?

But Trump’s career laundering money for Russian mobsters? Now, that could be a different matter entirely.