Jesus, Take the Wheel

not that wheel

“Sir, I Am a Good Lawyer. But You Don’t Need a Good Lawyer, You Need Merlin the Fucking Magician.”

Elaina Plott, The White House Has No Plan for Confronting the Mueller Report

Jonathan Chait, Giuliani: The Dog Ate My Counter-Report to Mueller

Many of the professional pundits are yammering on about what Mueller might be investigating and the conclusions he might reach. Like them, I have nothing useful to say on that topic. Unlike them, I know I have nothing useful to say, and therefore I don’t say it.

But I do think it’s interesting to take note of the shambolic state of Trump’s legal defense. In a real professional operation, a large team, led by a tough and highly experienced professional, would have been all over the emails and other relevant materials like white on rice. They would have extensively interviewed those with relevant knowledge, especially Donald J. Trump. They would have probed and tested the witnesses’ memories in light of the relevant documents. They would have done an excellent job anticipating what opposing counsel is likely to serve up. And they would have thought deeply about the very best—or perhaps the very least bad—answer to give.

An intelligent client, however evil, would have stood aside and let his team do those things for him.

An intelligent client would have grasped that bullshitting can get you a surprisingly long way in life, but that there comes a time when bullshit has to yield to good defense lawyering, lest your goose be well and truly cooked.

But not Donald Trump. Donald Trump is beyond competent professional help.

Rudy Giuliani is who he has left. Read Chait’s piece: Rudy knows the jig is up.