Brick by Brick

brick by brick

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You Must Remember This

You probably already know what I am about to say, but it bears emphasis and repetition.

One, a legal case is built brick by brick by brick.

Two, where there is a lot of complexity, there will be a whole lot of bricks.

Three, as to the criminal treason case against Trump, many bricks are already in place, more are being added every day, but the edifice is not yet complete.

Four, to make your best case, wait until all your bricks are in place.

Or, if you like a different analogy, think of it as a really big jigsaw puzzle. Will your puzzle turn out to be an image of the Taj Mahal or will it be the bar scene in Star Wars? Or maybe something else? As more pieces are put in place, the picture becomes clearer. But until most of the pieces are in place, no one can be 100 percent sure. (I was going to say “until all of the pieces are in place,” but that’s wrong. All of the pieces are never found. There will always be some gaps. But there will come a time when you can be very sure whether it’s the Taj Mahal or Star Wars or something else.)

Five, it’s very important to peel off the less irrational ten percent or so of Repubican voters from the remaining hard core Trump cultists. To do that effectively, we need to make our very best case. That requires waiting until the picture is just about as complete as it is going to get. That time is fast approaching, but it is not here yet.