Two of These Three Stories are True

Hilarious moment Trump wanders off the G20 stage before a group photo and leaves Argentina’s President Macri on his own before he is caught muttering ‘Get me out of here’ on a hot mic

G-20 Leaders Vote Unanimously Not to Give Trump Asylum

After the resolution to deny Trump asylum passed by a 19–0 vote, international observers said that they had never seen the G-20 act with such enthusiastic solidarity. “Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron were practically peeing themselves,” one observer said.

After receiving the resounding rebuke from the G-20, Trump grumpily withdrew to his hotel room, where he reportedly placed several calls to Kim Jong Un that went straight to voice mail.

Nigeria’s President Denies Dying And Being Replaced By Lookalike

ABUJA (Reuters) – Nigeria’s President Buhari on Sunday denied claims that he had died and been replaced by a Sudanese impostor, breaking his silence on a rumor that has circulated on social media for months.

Buhari, who is running for re-election in February, spent five months in Britain last year being treated for an undisclosed illness. One theory widely aired on social media – and by some political opponents – was that he had been replaced by a lookalike from Sudan called Jubril.