Waking Up, Smelling the Coffee, and Wondering Whether that Trump Fling was Really Such a Good Idea

After sharing this thought from Congresswoman I-didn’t-get-any-love-from-Mia-Love, who clearly lost because she didn’t lick Trump’s boots with enough fervor, I direct your attention to Turnbull County, Ohio, where they have won so much that they are tired of winning:

Philip Bump, Turnbull County, Ohio, shifted 30 points to vote Trump. That didn’t save its car plant.

Also: GM’s Job Cuts Draw Angry Reaction in Heartland That Backed Trump.

But if you own lots of GM stock, you will be happy to know it’s up by 7.9 percent as a result of today’s news.

And helping the rich folks while screwing the workers, well, that’s really the whole point of the exercise, isn’t it?


I see that I have a reader in Moldova today. I believe that’s a first. Bună seara, and please feel free to drop by any time. And welcome back to readers from China and Australia.