Some Say the World Will End in Fire

end in fire

Apropos of the big climate change report, the girls and boys over at Politico jump immediately to the burning issue. That would not be, how soon are we all going to die? Rather, the key point for the Politico pundits is that Trump’s dire climate report hands ammunition to Democrats.

So one might hope, but I tend to doubt it.

Ever since our ancestors climbed down from the trees and began to walk around the savanna on two legs, those who accurately perceived what was going on in their environment, and who took appropriate action based on their perception. tended to live, whereas those who could not grasp reality tended to get eaten for lunch.

More recently, though, some forty percent of our fellow ‘Mericans have been marinating their brains in Faux News, and seem to have lost the capacity to detect obvious lies.

Science has improved everything in the 21st century. Professional baseball players hit more home runs. We all have smart phones. And manipulators have perfected the art of manipulation.

As a consequence of the latter achievement, we have managed to reverse evolution, so that vast swaths of our population have embraced ever increasing ignorance.

Robert Frost proposed two alternative mechanism for the apocalypse. fire and ice. Permit me to add a third option: pig ignorance.