We’re Sorry We Met Ya, Says Aetna

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 1.11.20 PM

Though astonishing numbers of the deluded and the ill-informed still stand with the Baron of Bullshit, the big money is beginning to figure out that it is most definitely not in their financial interest to be identified with the shit show.

That is the clear, and clearly predictable, effect of Trump’s decision to rely heavily on the worst instincts of his worst supporters. He’s drawn a line in the sand. “You’re either with me or against me,” he implies. And Aetna and Walmart respond, “OK, we’re against you.”

If he had the sense God gave him, he would dial it down. Instead, he will reason like the person who thinks, if a little heroin makes me feel good, then a whole lot of heroin will make me feel really good.

Those Mississippi rallies will be a sight to see. Maybe he’ll curse out the Business Roundtable.