The Crumbling Red Wall

brick wall

This evening the 2018 House Popular Vote Tracker shows that our lead in the overall popular vote increased by yet another one tenth of one percent, to put us an even 8.0 percent ahead of the Republicans in the nationwide popular vote.

In a nation that is evenly divided politically, a solid majority have repudiated Trump and his enablers.

As of this evening, Republicans have 200 seats in the new House of Representatives, and Democrats have 234—40 more than their number in the current Congress.

Down in the seventh district of Georgia—Atlanta’s eastern suburbs, chiefly Gwinnett County—we improved 6.2 percent over Hillary’s 2016 performance. This was a little more than the nationwide average of 5.9 percent. But Hillary lost in the seventh district by 6.4 points, so the 6.2 movement back toward the Democrats fell just short of the margin of victory. The race has been called for the Republicans.

By contrast, New York’s 22nd district was called this evening for the Democrats. In Georgia 7 the swing back and forth was dramatic. In New York 22 it was dizzying. Clinton lost that district by 15.3 percent, but the blue wave in this election moved the needle back toward the Democrats by a whopping 16.6 percent. Kind of like watching a tennis match from the front row center seat.

One race, the 27th New York district, remains uncalled, but it looks as if the Republicans will take that one. Trump carried that district by 24.3 points, but it appears that the 2018 Democratic pushback this year “only” got as far as 23.7 percent.

Tennis, anyone?